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Star Compass

Released May 2004
Groove Unlimited

Track 1 - Escape Velocity 11:10
Track 2 - Hyperspace Drift 20:48
Track 3 - Star Compass 22:58
Track 4 - First Contact 10:41

Graphics - Pablo Magne

Mastering - Ron Boots

  Star Compass  
This is always the very difficult second album. We started with the name for the album to inspire us in the direction of space music and as always, the sequences were created first.

We then had recording sessions to improvise the atmospheres and melodies inspired by the sequences. These tracks were originally the longest we had composed and were trimmed considerably to allow the right balance of moods for an album format.

For the technically minded, this was the first album where we used the Novation Supernova for almost all of the sequences, replacing the Quasimidi Polymorph used earlier on "The Far Canal".

  Star Compass
Without allowing themselves to get influenced by the conventionalities associated to Chill-out, the duo Volt creates a series of pieces ideal to let imagination fly freely, yet without falling into an arid minimalism, nor do they become careless with the melodic patterns.
"Star Compass" is Space Music that re-creates the fascination on an interstellar journey.
Melodies ranging from epic to romanticism, wondrous orchestrations, unearthly ambiences, and powerful sequencer rhythms are some of the main traits in this wonderful album.

2004. Edgar Kogler
VoLt Sequences