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Welcome to the History Lesson....


A long, long, time ago Michael Shipway and Steve Smith met for the first time and decided to write songs together and record them. So a pop/rock band called Hi-Fi was born.
Along with all of this came a desire to explore the world of sampling and synthesized sound. These instruments were introduced into the band and also spawned the classic sampling duo A.I. or Artificial Intelligence, that still exists to this day.
Michael then sent a demo of some songs he had done in the electronic music genre to a record label called Surreal to real. Lo and behold they liked it and three albums were produced.
It was during a period after this, when Michael was striving to write his fourth album and Steve Smith was away doing other band projects. It occurred to Michael that they had never actually tried to play music live and spontaneous with no prior arranging.
Everything had always been carefully prepared and recorded in computers and edited to achieve the required result.
So both Mike and Steve agreed it would be a good idea to try some sessions playing live in the studio with no pre-planned ideas except for some programmed sequencers.So what was to became "The Far Canal" was recorded in three sessions and VoLt came into being.
The rest as they say is .......


Derby Big City Bash - 23rd June 1996

  Part of the live version of "Celebration" featuring lead synth from Steve.  

HAMPSHIRE JAM 5 - 21st October 2006

  An excerpt from our encore at HJ5  

HAMPSHIRE JAM 6 - 20th October 2007

  Excerpt from HJ6, creating the soundtrack for the HjVi album.