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Released June 2007
Groove Unlimited

Track 1 - Explosion 18:08
Track 2 - Evolution 19:21
Track 3 - Implosion 25:18

Graphics - Kees Aerts & VoLt

Mastering - Ron Boots

The trouble with live albums is that they often do not sound as you would expect and this was definitely the case with our Hampshire Jam 5 concert performance - due to technical difficulties our multitrack recorder only produced silence!

We liked what we did at HJ5 so decided to re-record the set in the studio, using as much of the live performance arrangements as possible and the result was "Nucleosynthesis".

This turned out to be quite a challenge as re-creating the live feel was very difficult without a live audience. As we said on the album, many thanks to the HJ5 organisers for inviting us and the audience for the inspiration on the day.

If you liked the previous albums by Volt such as "Through The Rings" and "Star Compass", then you might as well go for this one! An incredible sequencer journey from start to finish. The best track is Implosion IMO, which is also the longest of the three and has most sequencer based rhythms. Think of this album as a mix between Tangerine Dream's album Poland and a little bit of Gert Emmens sound, then you get the idea of what this album will bring you. A fastway to heaven!
Highly Recommended!

2007. Kristian Persson