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Released April 2008
Groove Unlimited

Track 1 - Primaeval 21:09
Track 2 - Atavistic 20:16
Track 3 - Signals 20:45
Track 4 - Extinction 14:17

Graphics - Kees Aerts & VoLt

Mastering - Ron Boots

After our technical problems recording HJ5 and after being asked to play at HJ6 we decided to put a multitrack recording of the set high in our priorities to hopefully make our first live album.

This is our first use of the Access Virus as the main sequences sound generator and the recording went well until the encore number where we changed back to our Novation Supernova......... which due to a technical problem (a lead missing) was completely silent. So Michael along with organiser Steve Jenkins became fault-finding engineers for at least 4 minutes of the Track while Steve improvised around some unexpected sequence sounds! Luckily the fault was eventually fixed and that is the reason for the audience clapping part-way through the "Extinction" track.

The first track gets right to it. No languid opening of abstract coalescence--the music surges directly into a state of invigorating liveliness. Pulsating electronic cycles roll forth, urgent in their definition. Piercing embellishment appears in the form of keyboards describing fanciful riffs. Compelling chords reach skyward, stretching the melodies to express evolution from rudimentary generation through maturity to an endearing decline.
Subsequent tracks do feature moody intros, however, creating a pacific calm before things plunge into vigorous substance and exhilarative velocity. Throughout the tracks, a variety of new sounds are introduced to garnish the already dense sound. This habitual melange keeps the music fresh with regular doses of engaging diversity.
Guitar appears in one piece, although it is probably of synthetic origin. Nevertheless, this instance lends a decidedly cosmic blaze to the tune. Rhythms are present, but it is the rapid application of non-impact sounds that serves to generate the majority of the locomotion. Sometimes, conventional e-perc is employed, but the use of non-impact rhythms is more predominant, establishing a fluid edge to the comfortable tempos.
These compositions progress from their initially earnest pace to a frenzied urgency with slick development. A heightened sense of constant movement is accomplished with ease, all the while the melodies being seasoned with charming variations and thrilling punctuation.

2008. Matt Howarth