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Into Battle

Released September 1990 MSL Cassette
Released September 1994 Surreal To Real CD

Track 1 - Into Battle
Track 2 - Yellow Streak
Track 3 - Ritual
Track 4 - Falling
Track 5 - Land Sailing
Track 6 - Coming Home
Track 7 - Capture
Track 8 - In The End
Track 9 - Into Battle (Enigmatic mix)

Graphics - Ian Spence
Mastering - Antony Thrasher


  Into Battle  

Into Battle was Michael Shipways first album,and the last to be released on CD. This is an album full of contrasts and powerful rhythms.Weird and wonderful samples and melodies. Highly recomended.

Currently available from Groove.

  Into Battle
Originally recorded on cassette and released at the 1990 UK Electronica festival in Sheffield.
Into Battle