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Spirit Of Adventure

Released September 1998

Track 01 - Finest Hour
Track 02 - Good God
Track 03 - Goldrush
Track 04 - Bayou by You
Track 05 - Things You Know Nothing About
Track 06 - Dun Reservation
Track 07 - Get Off My Land
Track 08 - Dub James
Track 09 - Sex Machine
Track 10 - On The Run
Track 11 - Goldrush (PC mix)
Track 12 - The Cause

Graphics - M Shipway
Mastering - M Shipway


This album is a collection spanning the first 10 years of Artificial Intelligence and the AI sampler.

Warning - this album is not EM and can be categorised as sampled music through a blender.......

"This album is loud and proud and will blow your house down"
Carl Jenkinson (Sequences magazine)

So what is all this "sample clearance" about then?