MSL Music Artists

Michael   Michael Shipway
Recorded 3 EM albums in the 1990's for John Dyson's Surreal To Real label.
The latest album is based on scenes from the Dan Dare adventure Voyage To Venus.
AmP   Lamp
Michael Shipway and guitarist Garth Jones are the duo Lamp. This combination of synthesisers and guitar was revealed in the first Lamp album 'The Three Towers', released by Groove Unlimited in April 2012. They are currently working on a follow-up album for late 2013.
VoLt   VoLt
Michael Shipway and Steve Smith are the duo VoLt that formed in 2003 and recorded the Berlin School Electronica album "The Far Canal" for the Dutch label Groove Unlimited.
Their latest album "Particles" is their 7th for Groove Unlimited and was released in April 2013.